Let’s imagine a world where Twitter replaces email

Just for a moment, let’s imagine a world where Twitter replaces email…

  • Due to the limit of 140 characters, those rambling, long-winded emails we all get would be no more.  People would get to the point.
  • People would be forced to actually talk to each other rather than relying on email.
  • Brands would be forced to be direct with their email communications – “Hey, we have a new product called Product XY, check it out”, “We’re having a sale on forklifts, buy 2 get 1 free”.
  • Unsubscribing becomes oh so easy.
  • Your marketing budget would suddenly drop (no more creative costs, distribution costs, etc.).
  • Email would become what it should be, a direct marketing channel rather than a branding one.
  • Tired of designing email to render on all platforms, text vs. html, etc.?  No more.
  • All your messages would get through as there would be no more CAN-SPAM rules because…

Let me know if you have any additions!

* Ok, ok, so perhaps there is a tiny sliver of spam possibilities with Twitter.  But still.

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