An updated Digital Trends presentation

Today I presented to TAG’s Enterprise 2.0 Society.  The group was extremely engaged and I’d say half the presentation was dialogue, which is fanastic.  Thanks to @sherryheyl for inviting me and for everyone that participated.

I’ve given a version of this presentation several times now but it keeps changing as, well, digital trends change.  So here is the updated version:

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  1. Emily Johns on June 3, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    A really valuable presentation! I liked your point on slide 48 about people being their own “brand” individually. It's relevant for companies to modify their marketing strategies according to what their target audience is doing digitally, so they can better connect with and understand them. The last slides of newer, and less-known sites were really interesting too. It's exciting to see where else we're going in the social media world.

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