Looking for an A+ or two

I’m on the lookout for A+’s to bring to Engauge right now. We’re hitting our stride as an agency and growing at an amazing clip, and I’m going to need more A+’s around here to help lead us up that hill. Luckily, we have a LOT of them here already, which is why we’re blowing up.

Skill sets? Roles? Background? Less important than being an A+. If I find an A+, I’ll hire them and then figure out what they should be working on.

What’s an A+? Glad you asked.

– Someone that always rises to the challenge.

– Someone that you can count on and trust. Doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes, we all do, but will make less mistakes than others and when mistakes are made, they take care of it.

High passion for what they’re doing.

– Lots of positive energy. Gotta be positive.

– Has an entrepreneurial mindset.

– They never get comfortable ;)

Anyone that knows an A+ or two, please send them my way. Since A+’s are usually modest, referrals for these rare birds are best. Anyone can say THEY are an A+, but when someone else puts their reputation on the line to tout a person’s A+edness (that could be a word), that’s a big sign to me. Email me at jeff.hilimire AT gmail.com if you know of anyone I should talk to.



  1. Anonymous on June 10, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Love the timing of your post, Jeff. Thanks to a great employee referral, I’m already in the HR queue and I believe that Engauge and I are a match made in digital heaven!

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