Those lunatiks over at Kickstarter have done it again

The Lunatik Touch Pen via Kickstarter

Have I  mentioned how much I love Kickstarter? This entire genre of “micro-funding” is incredibly exciting to me. Whereas the only way businesses could really get funded before was through angel or VC funding (don’t tell me loans from banks, because if you’re a new business there’s no bank that will help you…I know this from experience), today you have sites like Kickstarter that allow you to raise funding through crowd sourcing.  Brilliant concept.

I just received another Kickstarter purchase yesterday, the Lunatik Touch Pen. It’s a pen and stylus combination which I think will come in handy #punintended.

I recommend spending some time poking around Kickstarter. You might find some things you’re interested in funding/buying, like LUMOback, the smart posture censor, or Trygger Camera Case for the iPhone. But more importantly, by poking around on the site you’ll start to get a feel for where the future is headed from the earliest inklings of an idea.

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