My (and your) favorite posts from 2012

At the end of every year I take the time to look back and see what posts you liked the best (using Google Analtyics and comments) and which ones I was happy that I wrote. I also like to reflect on how my blog has evolved and what trends I see emerging.

In 2012, I shared more of my personal thoughts than I had in the past. If I look back at the type of posts that were the most popular over the years, it looks like this:

  • 2009 – Social media and digital dominated my posts
  • 2010 – Still very much social media content, but more entrepreneurship popping in
  • 2011 – Definitely a move to talking more about mobile, but now with more work culture and inspirational content
  • 2012 – More personal posts and certainly a lot of “app” content, but still mixing in social and mobile

I think that’s a pretty fair representation of the journey I’ve been on over the last four years.

For 2012, some of the most popular posts according to the numbers were:

~ How the iPad 2 replaced the laptop in my life: This is funny because I just wrote about how I’m moving now to the iPad Mini + Macbook Retina 15in setup. I’m sure in six months I’ll switch again. Part of my technology A.D.D., or TADD.

~ My plan for how I use email, to-do’s, note-taking and the cloud:  I ended up posting a change to this in November, more of my TADD showing up.

~ Leadership is not something you’re given, its something you take: The thing I’d most stress to anyone that wants to be a leader but doesn’t feel like they are given the chance.

~ On admitting mistakes

And here are a few of MY favorite posts from 2012:

~ This Thanksgiving I’m thankful my eyes have been opened wide: One of my favorite posts of all time because I was honest and talked about a topic that isn’t typical for this blog. And people didn’t revolt :)

~ An honest post about needing to do something more

~ Want to be happier, more positive and more successful?

~ 5 things you should tell your colleagues today

I imagine in 2013 I’ll continue to share more of my raw thoughts. There will still be digital content, there will be some humor, but there will also be more content like the Thanksgiving post and the “doing something more” post. I’m also getting more comfortable just throwing up quick posts that reflect my feelings on a topic without much behind it. My favorite bloggers do this and I always like hearing their thoughts on things, even if its a quick one-liner.

Hope that works for you guys :)

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