What I saw at CES, and the two things that blew me away

I made my annual trek to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Vegas this week. The show is massive – somewhere between 150,000 and 250,000 people attend depending on who you’re talking to – and most* of the major consumer electronics companies are in attendance, showing off their latest and greatest products.

Here is what I saw (my two favorite things are at the bottom #scrollbait):

Digital or virtual shopping

You can't believe how many headphones are being developed...

Sugar Ray Leonard!

Sugar Ray Leonard's pink phone case! ~ thanks for the pic @richardpaulguy

Yes, that's a robot that cleans windows.

Facial recognition + TV = awesomesauce.

This is one I can't wait for, smart refrigerators that tell you what is expiring, what to order at the grocery store and what recipes you can make with the food you have!

There was a lot of exercise related tech, this being my favorite (though not super innovative).

This looked fun.

Fitbit is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies.

And finally, bunny ears that you can control...with your mind. No kidding.

And for the two things that blew me away:

All the big boys had this technology - by wearing special glasses, people can see different shows or views of a game, on the same TV at the same time!


Thanks to @richardpaulguy and @CarlaPaschke for sharing some of their photos.

* Apple has never gone and likely never will, much to my dismay.


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