3 Golden Rules for Being a Successful Startup Employee #blindpost

The first time I had a startup, I was 22 and had no clue what I was getting myself in to. This time, with Dragon Army, I have the benefit of understanding how to create a business from the ground up and I’ve been studying the startup world for a solid ten years, so its not as daunting a task as it was the first time. When I saw the headline for this article, 3 Golden Rules for Being a Successful Startup Employee, I realized that while I’m fairly familiar with this process the majority of the Dragon Army team is not, so I thought this would make a timely blindpost. Thanks Bill for the idea!

The 3 Golden Rules for Being a Successful Startup Employee Team Member

#1. Don’t act like an employee, you’re now part of a team. At a startup, everyone is a core member of the team. You’ll wear many hats and you’ll be expected to contribute in all facets of the company. It’s way more fun than being an employee :)

#2. Give your entire self to the startup. This is your chance to potentially do the greatest work of your career. You’re starting something from nothing and breaking new ground. Give your entire self to the journey…but don’t let it kill your work-life balance.

#3. Trust. You’re at a startup, which means things will change fairly quickly and often. It’s going to take trust on your part and confidence in the leadership of the company to make it through the many pivots. Trust your teammates, the people leading the company and most importantly, your instincts. Again, if you’ve been asked to be part of a startup then the founder(s) value you and want your opinion. And on that note…


#4. Speak your mind. If you’re working at a startup, then the founders believe in you. Speak up, share your opinions and know that your voice is valued.

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