Donating my birthday to build a home for a family in need #newstorycharity

New Story Charity

I come into contact with startups all the time. Through speaking events (like this one I’m hosting next Monday night with Charles Brewer), hanging out at the Atlanta Tech Village, advising/mentoring through Advice For Good, or just generally hanging out where startup folks hang out.

The startups that I’m always amazed by are the ones run by a person or two, focusing on helping the world. For instance, the Charles Brewer event I mentioned above (you signed up, right?), is raising money for a great local startup focused on helping kids and people in need: re:imagine/ATL.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Brett (through Advice For Good). Brett is the co-founder of New Story Charity, a site that describes their mission as:

Our mission is to create life-changing stories that transform communities.
In 2015, our focus is on funding 100 homes in Leveque, Haiti.

Love it. And the main way they are seeing success is by having people “donate” their birthday to raise money to build a home for one of these families. As soon as I heard what he was up to, I made the decision that I would donate my upcoming birthday to the cause.

So, while I’ve never publicly asked friends & family to give me birthday presents, in this rare case I’m excited to! You can check out my page and donate any little amount you can. I already have one person that said if we hit $500, she will match it! Oh, and ALL the money donated goes to building the house (you can even see a nice breakdown of exactly what the money is used for).

But even more important than considering donating to my birthday, I’d love it if some of my friends would consider donating their birthday when it comes around!

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