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I’ve slowed my blogging cadence way down recently, and am struggling to make sure I post at least once a week. It’s something I want to change – 2-3 times a week is a better flow for me – but right now with everything going on, its hard to make it a priority.

Side note: You’ll never hear me say things like, “I don’t have time to do that.” The reality, which we all know, is that when you say that you’re really saying, “That is not enough of a priority for me to spend time on.” 

Things at Dragon Army are going great, and I couldn’t be happier with our progress after the Proving Ground acquisition late last year. We should have some awesome announcements to make soon about new projects we’re working on.

And 48in48 has more momentum than I ever anticipated, so that’s exciting!

Plus, I continue to put a priority on reading, and in fact just crushed The Name of the Wind. Thanks to our game designer, Patrick, for the recommendation on that one. Added it to my Books I’ve Read in 2015 page ;) Now trying to figure out what’s my next read…

And then there is the most important part of my life by far, my family, and I work hard to make sure I have tons of time with them.

I do have a list of blog topics that I’ve saved in Evernote (I’m an Evernote fanatic, but you knew that), but nothing is calling to me just now.

Point of this post? I’m not sure :) I felt like sharing why I’ve been slacker* than I’d prefer with frequent blog posts, and put some pressure on myself to get back to it with more regularity!

* I’m now a huge Slack fan. We use it at Dragon Army and I use it for 3 other nonprofit initiatives I’m working on. It’s terrific, and probably will be a blog post soon ;)

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