Now I’m also posting on Medium…what’s the deal with that?

I’ve now written several posts on Medium, a different kind of blogging platform. For example, earlier this week I posted, What startups can learn from a college tennis player: Focus on results, not the appearance of results.

To answer a few questions I’ve been asked about this:

Are you still going to be posting on THIS blog?

Absolutely, this blog will always be my primary platform. My plan for the foreseeable future is to post once a week on this blog and once a week on Medium.

Why Medium?

Medium does a few things that I like. First, its beautiful. I love the way they make it easy to post and easy to consume content. And its better for dialogue between the reader and the writer. It also reaches a potentially different demographic – more millennials for example – so I’m looking to test that out.

How do I make sure I don’t miss your posts on Medium (and btw, thanks for making me have to work harder for your content)?

Yep, sorry about that. I’m not looking to make your life more complicated! You can go to my Medium page and click “Follow”, and then you’ll be able to be alerted to new posts I make there.

Also, you can sign up for my email list and I will periodically send a recap there of new Medium posts.


  1. Del Ross on October 23, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Looks like Medium has ceased to be your medium. Eh?

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