Using only the iPad for work (iPad Pro test)

I seem to be in a constant state of slimming down what I need for “work”. Long ago I dropped the idea of needing a personal office. Today, I technically have a desk at Dragon Army but there is nothing on it (no knick knacks, no stack of papers, no coffee cup with pens, etc.). I just have a laptop bag with everything I need in it. Getting down to just a laptop bag with my tiny 12in Macbook has allowed me to sit down and work anywhere without having to change my process at all.

When the announcement came out last week about the new iPad Pro, I was shocked how interested I became in it. It’s already larger than my Macbook, and because it has a stylus, it would mostly eliminate the small notebook I bring with me to meetings (yes, literally a notebook with a pen…I just hate typing when meeting with people).

So the question popped into my head, “Could I consider using only the iPad Pro and eliminate my Macbook entirely?” There’s only one way to find out, without having to spend the money on the new iPad Pro. So I’m going to test out using my old iPad 2 with a keyboard case I have to see if I can make it work. I have this ultimate idea that I could just have the new iPad Pro and my headphones, and even eliminate the laptop bag altogether. 

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