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I struggle with finding the time, and sometimes the motivation, to exercise as much as I should. I’m sure I’m the only one with this problem :)

Now that I’m getting up at 4:50am every morning (been doing that for the last two weeks, I love it), having enough time isn’t the issue, but the motivation to exercise that early is.

My buddy that got me hooked on getting up at 4:50am also told me that I needed to check out the new Neflix show, Narcos. It’s the story of Pablo Escobar and the DEA. 

I have another friend, one of the Evernote nerds I mentioned in this post, and he told me that he holds off on his favorite podcasts and only listens to them when he’s working out, thus providing an additional incentive to exercise.

I did that during Serial, but there just aren’t enough podcasts I’m dying to listen to. But I always remembered that lifehack. So I decided that I would try this with the show Narcos, only allowing myself to watch it while exercising.

It’s really too dark to run at 5am, and its basically impossible to run outside while trying to watch a show on your phone (has anyone ever even tried that?) But, we have an old treadmill in our basement. And as much as I hate running on a treadmill, it was the perfect set up to try this experiment.

I’m now into episode 4 of Narcos and I’ve only watched it while on the treadmill. I’ve run every other day in the morning for the past two weeks, and the show is fantastic so I find myself eager for the next time I run. It’s been a test of my will power NOT to watch the show in between working out, and I’m contiuously upping my time on the treadmill to watch more of the show.


  1. Steffan Pedersen on November 20, 2015 at 10:41 am

    Love this! I’ve tried running with audio books…not great, but not bad either. Prefer music or running at my own/natural rhythm. Also, what happens we you HAVE to watch that next episode? You’ll be a marathon runner in no time ;)

  2. Kevin Chu on November 22, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Yes — forcing myself to only watch certain tv shows has worked wonders for me. Good stuff!

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