“Front runners always run the hardest, and risk the most.”

I’m currently reading the book, Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight. If you don’t know that name, he’s the guy that started Nike. And apparently, he’s a terrific writer.

He was a runner growing up, and ran track for the University of Oregon. In the book he has this great quote when talking about running (he was referring specifically to drafting):

“Front runners always run the hardest, and risk the most.”

I believe this also applies to people in leadership, and particularly people who lead from within the team. The safe route is to go with the status quo, to do what’s always been done, to not rock the boat. Someone has to step forward and risk their reputation and potentially, their job, in order to achieve something great and create change.

It also reminds of one of my favorite concepts, The Man in the Arena.

Stand up, get in the arena, and do something great with your life. Something you can be proud of. Less talk, more action. 

You got this.

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