Personal Purpose, hacking Halloween, and walking off the stress

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So that I don’t bury the lead, I’m sharing two links that have helped me personally and professionally. The first is a worksheet on finding your personal purpose. My #1 advice to anyone, and the thing I always end my book talks with, is to take the time to find your personal purpose. Perhaps this high-level approach will help you. 

The second link is an approach to evolving your business success by implementing the Great Game of Business. You can read more about the Great Game in my many blog posts on the topic, but the PDF below will help you super-charge your efforts (it’s worked for us at Dragon Army).

I guess entrepreneurship runs in the family! 

My 15-year old, having seen me build websites since his birth and who I’ve been coaching to look for opportunities in difficult times, came up with the idea to launch a website to help people have a great Halloween during quarantine.

After weeks researching and brainstorming, and came up with 31 ways to help people this October 31st. He then boned up on WordPress, and yesterday his site went live! Please consider checking it out and sharing with your friends! 

Walking More = Less Stress

It’s been no secret (at least to my email readers) that I’ve been suffering from dizziness over the last few months. The good news is that I believe I’m back to about 90% full health. The bad news is, I have no real idea what happened. My best guess is that my body, through some combination of stress and grief, decided that it wasn’t enough for me to be emotionally woozy, I also needed to be physically woozy. A lot has happened in the world, and in my life, since March, and I’m sure you can relate.

I’ve taken to walking a great deal and I believe it’s been helping my recovery. I was reading an article, In Defense of Walking More and Running Less (Just Hear Me Out), and the author writes: 

…the biggest draw for me was the feeling of peace I got on each walk. I felt calm in a way that perhaps I’ve never felt before.

That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling on my walks. Whether it’s first thing in the morning to start my day, a mid-day shake-off-the-Zooms walk, or a post-dinner family outing, getting out and breathing the fresh air and experiencing the outdoors just makes me feel better. Of course, when I get to take these walks with my little ones, it becomes a priceless gift as well. 

Walking with my littles is the best recipe for remembering how lucky I am…even when they steal my hat :)

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