What I’m betting on in 2015

Every entrepreneur and CEO is making bets. Maybe they aren’t doing it publicly, or even consciously, but they’re making bets. Maybe its a bet that they’ll nail their IPO, or finally figure out their product market fit, or that they’ll double in size, but they’re making bets. That’s what we do.

I couldn’t be more excited about where Dragon Army stands a year and a half into our business. We’re a unique company, one part game studio and one part mobile agency. As a game studio, we can leverage the marketing and technology chops of the mobile agency. As a mobile agency, we can leverage the successful game theory and game mechanics to achieve better results for our agency clients. And after our big win last week, it seems to be working :)

The future, in my eyes, is incredibly bright.

And as such, I’m making some bets in 2015. Here they are:

* Mobile will continue to be the future of how companies interact with their customers. And…

* Companies will start to (finally) take mobile seriously. To date – and I have many theories on why this is the case – companies have spent a small fraction of their budgets on their mobile customers. In 2015, I predict companies will start to realize the potential that is in front of them and begin to change their budgets and efforts appropriately.

* The mobile game industry will continue to grow significantly (some estimates put the industry at over $40 billion in 2015).

* The mobile gaming industry will start to reward GREAT games. We live in a world where seemingly anyone can learn to make a game, and uploading it to the app store is extremely simple. There are almost no barriers to entry in this market and because of this, some estimates say that 4,000 games are uploaded to the app stores every week!

And while this freedom of creativity is to be celebrated, its caused a lot of confusion on the customer side of the market. It’s very difficult for people to whittle through all the games and apps in the app store, particularly when so many of them are free, to find the great ones. Our focus on the game side of Dragon Army, above everything else, is to make games we’re proud of and that we think the world needs to see. I’m betting that if we create great games, they will find a way to bubble up above the clutter and find their way into people’s hands. And because of this…

* Mobile app/game discovery will become a BIG part of our business this year. Helping our clients not only build great mobile experiences, but also get those experiences in the hands of their customers and partners, is a much needed service that we’re well equipped to deliver.

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