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When I first started this blog, some 10 years ago, I did so because I wanted to understand blogging and social media in order to be a more informed “expert,” since that is what Engauge (my company at the time) was mostly selling as an agency. Along the way, I found that I enjoyed writing, and there were far more benefits than I ever realized.

My current schedule is to blog 4-5 times a week, but not to feel pressure if I just don’t feel like I have something to say. Fortunately, I often have lots to say ;)

I posed the question to myself recently, “Who am I writing for?” Here’s how I answered that:

I write for my family and friends.

For many people, social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat mostly) are the tools they use to share with their family and friends what they’re up to. I do very little posting on those channels, and instead I share through my blog. Granted, my blog isn’t as focused on the personal side of my life, but as an entrepreneur my “work” is a HUGE part of my life, and my family/friends know a lot more about that, and me, via this blog. Even my wife finds out some things that are going on with my companies through my blog, but more on that later :)

I write for my Dragon Army leadership team.

A lot of what I write on my blog has to do with leadership lessons, and I find that its a good way for me to share some of my thoughts with the Dragon Army leadership team. One of my main responsibilities to them is to help them grow as leaders (vs. experts in their craft, which they already are.)

I write for my Dragon Army team overall.

Back at my last company (Engauge,) I wrote a post in 2011 suggesting that if you’re uninspired at work, you should change the place you work or…change the place you work. Basically, see if there’s a way to change the company you work at to allow you to be in a role or culture that inspires you, and if that doesn’t work, maybe you need to find another place to work that can do that for you.

Several months after that post, one of the Engauge team members came up to me and said that she had read that post and it inspired her to go to her manager and share her true passion, and ask if she could move to another department. Her manager was, to my great delight, happy to help her make that transition and she was incredibly happy and inspired in a new role at the company. I had no idea that kind of thing was happening, but ever since then part of my writing is to help inspire my current team members.

I write for future Dragon Army team members.

There’s nothing better than meeting with a potential new Dragon Army team member and having them talk about the culture of Dragon Army and our values, most of which they read about on my blog. Through this platform, I’m able to share views into our culture that are hard to do through any other vehicle.

I write in hopes of inspiring people to do more good.

My Purpose is to have an outsized, positive impact on the world. And my blog is a way for me to inspire others to do good in the world. The more people that read my stuff, the greater my chance to have that ‘outsized’ impact I’m looking for. Case in point, my good friend Jo Ann recently posted her Purpose on LinkedIn, something that she claims was inspired by my writing of my Purpose! Now that is cool :) :) :)

I write to generate exposure for Dragon Army, 48in48, and the many other things I’m involved in.

I’m involved in a lot of things, and this blog allows me to share those experiences with my readers and shine a light on them when needed. For instance, did you know that 48in48 – a nonprofit I co-founded with Adam that puts on hackathon-style events, bringing together hundreds of volunteers to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours in cities around the globe – is going to be in Atlanta in October for the 4th years in a row?! Consider signing up as a volunteer or submitting a nonprofit you love that needs a new website ;)

I write for my wife.

We (my wife and I) lead very busy lives. We have five kids, and as many things that I’m involved in, she’s involved in just as many. On top of being the world’s greatest mother and wife, she’s chairing this board and that, running the swim team, teaching Sunday school (which I help with as well,) etc. So when we get time together, we’re either with the kids or…well, its mostly with-the-kids time. Some of my writing is definitely so that my wife, when she’s in between things, can read up on what I’m up to.

But mostly, I write for myself. 

A friend asked me recently if I manage to spend time thinking or meditating, given that I seem to be juggling so many things. And my first reaction was, gosh I guess I don’t do that very much! But then I realized, in fact, I do this almost every single day while writing blog posts.

Writing for me is a time to reflect on things that are important to me, on things I’m struggling with, and on things that I want to accomplish. It’s honestly more like a diary than anything else. This post is a great example. I really wrote it to help me clarify why I continue to write on this blog. There are times when I wonder, should I continue to write? It takes time, no doubt, and I have a lot of things that pull on my time. But after reflecting on all the people I write for, its obvious to me that I need to keep it up.

What did I miss?

Are you reading this blog for a reason I didn’t mention above? Please share!

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