With a little help from my friends

Lately, I find myself reflecting on all the help and advice I’ve had along the way.

I consider myself lucky in so many ways, and the amount of support I’ve received in this journey called life is no exception. I’ve had mentors take a chance on me, partners join me in crazy pursuits, people invest in my businesses, friends join the boards of nonprofits I run, and of course family support me all along the way. 

Last week two of my podcasts touched on this subject. The first was an episode with some of my first business advisors at Spunlogic (YouTube link) and the second is with three people in Atlanta that have mentored and advised so many young leaders (YouTube link). 

My advice today

Think about some of the people who have made the biggest impact on your life, and send them a short message of thanks. Earlier this week I received a card in the mail from Hanni Berger (CEO of Joyvial), an entrepreneur who is part of my Ripples of Hope initiative. In the card, she expressed how much she has appreciated my help over the years and how my belief in her continues to give her confidence as she goes after her dreams. That simple, thoughtful note made my day, and only reinforced how much I want to help her going forward. (Plus, she’s just all-around amazing, and if you aren’t following her on Instagram, you’re missing out.)

As always, please share some of the experiences you have as you do this! I love stories of people appreciating each other, and I think we could all use little bits of good news and positive stories right about now. I know I could :)

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