The most powerful question in the world

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Hello friends,

I’m going to get right into this one.

I write a lot about the importance of finding your personal Purpose. It comes up in this newsletter, in my books, in my talks, and especially, in my companies.

In my opinion, not having your Purpose figured out for your life is like trying to drive somewhere without the use of a GPS system. Can you imagine? (Many of you, like me, can imagine because that used to be our life! “Take a right on Memorial Drive, go for about five minutes until you see a Blockbuster Video, then go right for about a mile until you get to a 4-way stop, then turn…”. Insanity.)

Your life, like your driving, needs direction. And that direction comes in the form of a personal Purpose.

The only question you’ll need to find your personal Purpose

Ok, so you’re on board with the idea that you need to have a defined personal Purpose. Or, even if you have one, this exercise might be something that can help you ensure you’re on the right track.

Think long and hard about why you might be on this planet. I like to start by analyzing what I’m really great at. Or, if I can be so bold, what is my superpower?

Spend a lot of time on that. You’re great at stuff! Maybe you bring joy to people in surprising ways. Maybe you’re a great problem-solver. Maybe you’re an inspired artist. You know what you’re great at, don’t be so modest over there.

When you’re done, think about the change you want to see in the world. Do you want people to be happier (like we do at Dragon Army)? Do you want people to live their best lives? Do you want no child to be hungry? What really drives you?

Everyone has a passion for doing good in some way, and it’s critical to your personal Purpose.

After you put those two things together, you’ll be at your starting point. You should have some kind of statement (or statements, which is totally fine) that seem to hint at why you exist.

The next step is to ask a very simple question:


Asking that question over and over again is the key to getting to the root of why you’re on this planet.

When I did this — asking myself “why?” over and over again — I eventually landed on my Purpose which is to have an outsized, positive impact on the world. That’s why I’m here. That’s my “why”.

Asking “Why?” will help you solve so many problems

Asking “why?” doesn’t only work for finding your personal Purpose. It can work on most problems as a way of getting to the root cause.

Feeling unfulfilled in your career? Ask yourself, “why?”.

Then ask it again.

And again.

Do this until you get to the root answer of the question.

“I feel unfulfilled in my career.”


“Because I’m not doing the things I really want to be doing.”


“Because I’m in an industry that doesn’t excite me.”


“Because… I guess I started off in this industry out of college and never left.”


“Because I started making good money and didn’t want to start over.”


“I placed too much emphasis on the importance of money and material things.”

Bingo. So the real problem isn’t that you’re unfulfilled in your career, it’s that long ago you placed too high a priority on finances and not enough on your own happiness.

The point

We all deserve to be fulfilled and happy in our lives. My friends who have found their Purpose are some of the most grounded, secure, and happy people I know.

Go out and find your Purpose. And if you already have your Purpose, please share it with me!!

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