Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain…

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

~ Andy Rooney

It’s always been about the journey, hasn’t it? I mean, accomplishing something great feels good, but its the hard-work, the struggle, the never-quit along the way that made accomplishing that goal worthwhile.

Example: What’s more important, the degree or the process of going to college for 4+ years? Wait, don’t answer that one ;)

Running has always been like this for me. I ran the Publix half-marathon a few months back, and it was the training that I enjoyed the most. Getting up early on a work day and grinding out 5 miles when you’d rather get another hour of sleep. Pushing through pains and aches because you know you need to log the miles. The race itself is a challenge and it feels great to cross the finish line, but for me, its always been about the training to get there.

Same feeling applied when we sold Spunlogic after 10 years. We put our heart and soul into that company for a decade, and while it was glorious to finally achieve our goal of an acquisition, the work to get there was infinitely more fulfilling.

The point is, definitely set goals and work to achieve them, but don’t discount the impact that the journey will make on your life. The journey, in many cases, IS the achievement.

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